Tradition with Portuguese flavors

The name "Restaurante Avó Maria" is a tribute to  the mothers of the owners, for their love, affection and dedication.

"Maria" is the most internationally known Portuguese name, and by coincidence, that in Portugal is almost a tradition, the mother of the owners have the name "Maria".

The area has recently been renovated but always respecting the antiquity of the building, bringing comfort and refinement in a space with more than 400 years of history.

We're proud to say that we have achieved the goal to take the best of antiquity: "The Refinement and Romanticism", and the best of modernity: "The Comfort, Professionalism and Speed", necessary and required nowadays.
At "Restaurante Avó Maria" the history, culture, tradition, and the high quality of the well prepared meals are always served at your table...

                         We're here! Come visit us...